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Bigger and brighter, выпуск 32

Bigger and brighter
  32. Рекламные субмодальности 1 meta_eugzol
  31. Категории визуальных субмодальностей 3 vseslavrus
  30. «Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide» (Françoise Sagan) 3 metanymous
  28. Абсолютный чёрно-белый ресурс 34 metanymous
  27. Компрессия субмодальностей 1 metanymous
  26. Лишь 25% людей различают все цвета спектра. 28 metanymous
  24. "молниеносно" - ? 66 metanymous
  22. ШПАРГАЛКА 4 metanymous
  21. Образы "себя" vs "внутренней референтной группы" 3 metanymous
  20. Интерфейс управления субмодальностями 6 metanymous
  20. Реальная сила фиолетового 17 metanymous
  19. Две части на одну субмодальность 14 metanymous
  18. Внешняя vs внутренняя референция 74 metanymous
  17. 64 субмодальности 5 metanymous
  16. Есть вопросы и наблюдения 34 metanymous
  15. Первооткрыватель субмодальностей 10 metanymous
  14. Деньги "зажигают" зрительные субмодальности 6 metanymous
  13. Bigger and brighter 8 metanymous
  12. Bigger and brighter 9 metanymous
  11. Bigger and brighter 5 metanymous
  10. Bigger and brighter 15 wake_
  9. Bigger and brighter 3 metanymous
  8. Bigger and brighter 14 metanymous
  7.2. Bigger and brighter 4 metanymous
  7.1. Bigger and brighter 1 metanymous
  6. Bigger and brighter 17 metanymous
  5. Bigger and brighter 10 metanymous
  4. Bigger and brighter 9 metanymous
  3. Bigger and brighter 31 metanymous
  2. Bigger and brighter 16 metanymous
Bigger and brighter. Как я делал субмодальности экологичнее
  Bigger and brighter. Как я делал субмодальности экологичнее 2 wake_
Bigger and brighter
  31. Категории визуальных субмодальностей vseslavrus
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Google created a fake pizza brand to test out creative strategies for YouTube ads

As for what they learned, here’s how Google summarized the findings:
1. Immersive, multi-sensory experiences drive better recall than single sensory experiences.
Implications: Food ads should stimulate the full range of senses and use the full potential of audio, visual and text cues to do so.
2. Separating visual input from text (voice and supers) increases both recall and favorability.
Implications: Brands making short-form ads should consider separating visual clips from audio/supers for maximum impact.
3. Explicit instruction to imagine increases both recall and favorability.
Implications: Brands should use instruction to drive impact until they can prove more effective options.
4. We want edge-to-edge food in our food ads.
Implications: Food ads should include super close shots of the food to drive favorability and recall.
5. Bite and smile is not the only way to show a pleasurable food experience.
Implications: A range of human/food approaches are equally valid. Brands should feel there is freedom in how they present their food being enjoyed, not constrained by bite-and-smile.
6. Younger audiences responded better to first-person perspectives (POV) than older audiences did.