Архетипические ресурсы веры - молитва во здравие/ во исцеление/ молитва о болящих

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Плацебо, выпуск 10

  11. Мощное плацебо 1 metanymous
  10. Архетипические ресурсы веры - молитва во здравие/ во исцеление/ молитва о болящих 1 metanymous
  9. Исторические этапы изобретения и использования плацебо 52 metanymous
  8. Нейрология 1 metanymous
  7. Сила абсолютного плацебо/ веры 6 metanymous
  6. Гомеопатия интерфейс кортико-висцеральных рефлексов 12 metanymous
  5. Непрерывный жизненный процесс 7 metanymous
  4. Вполовину меньше доза лекарств 6 metanymous
  3. Исполнена мечта БиГов 67 metanymous
  2. Плацебо 28 metanymous
  1. Новая/старая как мир тема 12 metanymous
Иное моделирование
  54. Плацебо - ключ к моделированию 11 metanymous
  11. Мощное плацебо metanymous
Effects of intercessory prayer on patients with rheumatoid arthritis
D A Matthews 1, S M Marlowe, F S MacNutt
PMID: 11142453
Background: Many individuals pray during times of illness, but the clinical effects of prayer are not well-understood.
Methods: We prospectively studied a cohort of 40 patients (mean age, 62 years; 100% white; 82% women) at a private rheumatology practice. All had class II or III rheumatoid arthritis and took stable doses of antirheumatic medications. All received a 3-day intervention, including 6 hours of education and 6 hours of direct-contact intercessory prayer. Nineteen randomly selected sample patients had 6 months of daily, supplemental intercessory prayer by individuals located elsewhere. Ten arthritis-specific outcome variables were measured at baseline and at 3-month intervals for 1 year.
Results: Patients receiving in-person intercessory prayer showed significant overall improvement during 1-year follow-up. No additional effects from supplemental, distant intercessory prayer were found.
Conclusions: In-person intercessory prayer may be a useful adjunct to standard medical care for certain patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Supplemental, distant intercessory prayer offers no additional benefits.


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