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Если галочки не стоят — только metapractice

Показаны записи 1761 - 1770 из 1828

meta_eugzol в посте Metapractice (оригинал в ЖЖ)

The guy next to me drew something that looked like a photograph. And I kept looking at it going [...] how's he doing this, you know. And he was like doo-doo-doo-doo [напевает и изображает размахи кисточкой] shading everything :-P. And the teacher came up and took it, and she shook her head and looked at me disgustingly. She said wooooo [мотает головой]. You're not artistic! :-P And I went 'not artistic' [качает головой]. :-P :-P
When I was 29 years old roughly walking down the street of New York /:-P звук/. I was staying at the Barbason Plasa. And my wife and I were walking down the street. And we walked in front of an art store. And my wife said to me, she said 'Uh! Let's get some stuff and paint'. And I looked at her and went 'I am not artistic' :-P. And she went 'That's crazy! You do everything! Why wouldn't you be artistic?'. 'I'm not, I can't, I'm not artistic' :-P. Suddenly I went 'This sounds more like a post-hypnotic suggestion than reality!' /:-P звук/. So she bought a bunch of art supplies, took me up in a room. And she took pastels and said 'Just draw!'. And I looked at the paper and went [гримасничает]. Look at her and went [гримасничает]. She said 'Draw!'. And I went [гримасничает]. And she took the, rip the stuff of the side and just took it went nyeeeeee! like that and then she pull out this can of stuff and went tssssssss! :-P And I went [изображает нюханье]. :-P :-P

meta_eugzol в посте Metapractice (оригинал в ЖЖ)

Now it went further than that. I think alot of my teachers were actually a very vicious hypnotists :-P. That they did things to me. For example when I was, I was in a fourth grade. They came and they handed me a little plastic flute about this big. And a piece of shit music. And, and on shit music was a wonderful song called 'Yankee doodle dandy' :-P. Not one of my favourites :-P. And they said, 'this is a, this is every good boy does fine and the spaces were face and', and I didn't even know what they were talking about :-P. And they said learn to play this song :-P. And I went home and I blew in a thing and it sounded horrible. So I didn't do it :-P. And then the day before we were supposed to be tested on it. I, I try-ded, I tried to remember the song, I went let's see it's Yankee Doodle something or other and I went (звуки игры) :-P. And I took it and I went into the class and all this kids went (звуки игры). And I went (звуки игры). And they looked at me and they said 'You are not musical', took my flute away, said I couldn't be in a band and said you'd never learn to play music :-P.
Now since then I've written an equivavelnt of over thirty-five symphonies :-P. And the musics on the you know the 'Personal Enhancement' series, and all of those hypnosis tapes. And all kinds of other things :-P. I've written a music for television commercial when I worked for ad agencies. I scored a whole symphony with orcherstra :-P.
So they weren't exactly right. But then [...] stubborn :-P. They also did something else to me. They, they took me in a art class /:-P/. I got in trouble in one class so they pulled me out of class and they said the only thing I can do was art :-P. So they stuck me in a art class because I got in a fight with a teacher, I was a bad boy :-P. And the art teacher stuck a fruit ball on a table :-P. And she said to, she said, she said everyone is going to draw a fruit ball :-P. And they handed us these... :-P :-P I don't know, they were they were colored cranes or something :-P and, and I drew something that looked like somebody sneezed color onto the paper :-P.

meta_eugzol в посте Metapractice (оригинал в ЖЖ)

Today I want to do something a little bit different :-P. In Neuro-Linguistic programming the foundation of the entire field is based on a simple notion. :-P
Long time ago /:-P/ I, when I was doing hypnosis, I, suddenly dorned on me :-P that, if you could hypnotise people and get them to do things that they couldn't do normally :-P : what what was going on? :-P
And, and, I started thinking about it in a much broder sense, because there were many people who very talented at certain things :-P. And, NLP gives you the ability to ask very precise questions about consciousness :-P. And, it started out with spelling. There were kids that that could spell and kids that couldn't spell. I happen to be one of the once that had no idea how to spell most words /:-P/. Because they told me that you should spell them (up) phonetically :-P. And you can't even spell phonetics phonetically. That its comes out p-ho-nics :-P.
And this morning on television there was one of the politicians here locally announcing how they had to go back to using phonetics as foundation of learning to read :-P. And unfortunatelly in English most words aren't really that phonetic. Words like caught. Are realy cu-nd-ght. That we have silent letters and long vowels and all kinds of strange things that sound more like a hypnotic induction /:-P звук/ than anything else /:-P звук/.
Первый размечаемый сигнал — язык*змеи. Для разметки была взята запись семинара Ричарда Бандлера «Class of a Master - Instant Talent». Первый разбираемый фрагмент 00:00-10:45.

Рабочая версия транскрипта:
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- проверить/уточнить/продолжить транскрипт
- перевести транскрипт
- проверить/уточнить/продолжить разметку разрабатываемых сигналов (в этом проходе Я*З)
- сделать разметку фрагмента для другого невербального сигнала
Сорри, вчера спать пошёл вечером уже. Так нормально?
понял, сейчас заведу
Продолжительность видео 1 час с небольшим. Можно ли обрабатывать (и соответственно выкладывать результат) видео по кусочкам 10-20 мин:
-- один кусочек 0-20мин транскрибирован
-- сделана разметка нескольких1,2,3 сигналов
-- второй кусочек 20-40мин транскрибирован
-- ... и т.д.
Да конечно сделай. По нашим правилам. Приличное точное название. Цифра - индекс повторения, начиная с первого. Начиная со второго ссылка на предшествующий под темой. За индексом повторения можно указывать дополнительные аспекты типа что конкретно акцентируется в проработке в данном повторении.
А как называется конкретно семинар-то?
В серия из четырёх семинаров — «Class of a Master» - этот (он первый) называется «Instant Talent».
А что если назвать тему типа эээ Разметка под КО (N)... - ну или полно - разметка под кодовое отзеркаливание? Потому как это суть того что ты делаешь. И потом в последующем эта разметка будет являть собою более общую ценность именно для кодового отзеркаливания, а потом уже для всех остальных форм моделирования. Ну как?
Ну м.б. более ээ пафосно — мол — классическое моделирование? :) Или как ещё так? :)
А тему будешь вести/размещать уже чисто сам :)
Был не прав, исправлюсь *гребя вёслами* :))

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