Эриксон - 1955 Philadelphia 

bavi в посте Metapractice (оригинал в ЖЖ)

(1) оne of the first misconceptions that I want to mention
(2) is not listed in your booklet.
(3) and that is this.
(4) misconception that you can learn hypnosis from a stage hypnotist.
(5) you can learn hypnotist from a stage hypnotist, if you want to work on the stage, but if you want to do medical work or dental work or psychological work,
(6) i don’t think that you can learn from a stage hypnotist.
(7) It requires a great deal of study in earnest effort and sincere effort on your part.
(8) another misconception
(9) that I want to mention isn’t included
(10) is (that) anybody who uses hypnosis must have some very special powers, special knowledge, special abilities.
(11) actually, of course,
(12) hypnosis is a very common phenomenon in all human living,
(13) and anybody who can communicate with somebody else,
(14) can use hypnosis.
(15) anybody, that can communicate with somebody else, can learn hypnosis and utilize it.

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