Дигностика отношений на уровнях Грейвза

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  2. Два "мозаичных" типа 2 meta_eugzol
  1. Дигностика отношений на уровнях Грейвза 1 meta_eugzol
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  2. Два "мозаичных" типа meta_eugzol
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Multi-level communication
  4. Онтология полифункциональной multilevel communication metanymous
    Оригинальные модели metanymous
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This Promethean (C-P) point of view is based on the prerogatives of the “haves” and the duties of the “have-nots.” Ultimately when this way of life, based historically on the agricultural revolution, is established, life is seen as a continuous process with survival depen¬dent on a controlled relationship. Fealty and loyalty, service and noblesse oblige become cornerstones of this way of life.
[p. 139]
At the F-S sociocentric level man becomes, centrally, a sociocentric being, a being concerned with the relation of his self to other selves. He becomes concerned with belonging, with being accepted, with not being rejected, with knowing the inner side of self and other selves so human harmony can come to be. And when he achieves this he becomes concerned with more than self and other selves. He be-comes concerned with self in relation to life and the whole, the total universe.
[p. 141]
Detachment is a value which replaces the objectivity of his E-R days, and a few deep relationships mean more to him than broad acceptance by other men. Faith is more important than religion and viable ends determine more his behavior than do the means to the ends.
[p. 154]

При разборе с ценностными уровнями Грейвза, возникает вопрос: можно ли диагностировать уровни человека на основе типа отношений, в которые он вступает?

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