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Темы MetaPractice (02.11.21) - 244 темы
  Темы MetaPractice (02.11.21) - 244 темы metanymous
Темы MetaPractice (21.08.19) - 242 темы
  Темы MetaPractice (21.08.19) - 242 темы metanymous
Темы MetaPractice (13.04.18) - 234 темы
  Темы MetaPractice (13.04.18) - 234 темы metanymous
Темы MetaPractice (10.11.17) - 231 темы
  Темы MetaPractice (10.11.17) - 231 темы metanymous
Темы MetaPractice (20/09/13)
  Темы MetaPractice (20/09/13) metanymous
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Please take a look at the new NLP Wiki online.  We need hits, links, and users to counter misrepresentations of NLP. Thanks!

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The NLP Research and Recognition Project (R & R) and a group of NLP volunteers, in association with Tim Hallbom, Shelle Rose Charvet and other NLP leaders has taken note of the tremendous influence exercised by Wikipedia and its negative impact on NLP. Working together they have developed an alternate, scientifically sound WIKI site that the NLP Community’s support can bring into regular use.
We would like your help in the following ways:
First, if you have a website, please ask your IT person or web manager to eliminate any link to the Wikipedia article and replace it with a link to www.nlpwiki.org.

Second, we would ask that you spread the word to your clients, practitioners and associates that the new wiki exists and ask them to visit it, link to it, add to it and increase its Google statistics by visiting it often.
Third, if you are a writer or have relevant materials that would add to the WIKI, please send them on to our NLP editors using the submission guidelines on the front page of the Wiki. 
Current biased editors have used the WIKIPEDIA rules to maintain control of the NLP site which labels the field as a fraudulent pseudo-science. Any attempts to submit positive NLP materials are immediately dismissed. In our own case the bad press and spurious research promulgated by Wikipedia has cost the R and R Project millions of dollars in lost research funding, and at least one opportunity to create an NLP Department in an internationally recognized American University.
 In response to this, the R and R team and a group of NLP volunteers, under the guidance of Tim Hallbom, Shelle Rose Charvet and other NLP leaders have established an alternative NLP Wiki at www.NLPWIKI.org. The WIKI formatted site, provides an unbiased look at NLP that links to independent validation of NLP and parallel findings in mainline psychology. The site has no advertising, promotes no schools or individuals and, despite a stellar editing team, all of its articles are presented as anonymous contributions by the community.
On some level, NLP is at a crossroads. While good scientific studies validating NLP’s clinical claims do need to be done, a fair reading of existing research, contrary to the NLP skeptics’ presentation on the official WIKIPEDIA site, warrants the time and money that the growing NLP research movement is now expending.  The new NLP WIKI provides good information and makes it easily accessible. Help us to get it known and used.
Please RSVP your actions especially how many NLP practitioners you have contacted. Also let us know if you have questions, need help or would like to be more involved.
Thanks for your help in this and being a part of the NLP community.

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NLP Research Recognition Project
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