Онтология спонтанного исчезновения боли 

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From common experience, one can think of a mother suffering extremely severe pain and aIl-absorbed in her pain experience. Yet she forgets it without effort or intention when she sees her infant dangerously threatened or seriously hurt.
"Адреналиновое" вытеснение боли.
One can think of men in combat seriously wounded, but who do not discover their injury until later.
There are numerous such comparable examples common to medical experience. Such abolition of pain occurs in daily life in situations where pain is taken out of awareness by more compelling stimuli of another character. The simplest example of all is the toothache forgotten on the way to the dentist;s office
Боль в зубе проходит от осознания более сильных, во времена Эриксона, мучений у стоматолога.
or the headache lost in the suspenseful drama portrayed at the cinema.
Вытеснение боли сильными эмоциями.
В целом перечислены негативные переживания, даже в кино подразумевается "драма".

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